Escape from New York City: Four Getaways You Won’t Regret

Even one of the world’s best cities can get wearisome.

When you live amidst the immensity and pace of the five boroughs, the hustle turns into the normal. But your body and mind -- and yes of course your skin -- need upkeep and the best meds aren’t handed out by your pharmacist. Living better requires changing pace and switching scenery every once in a while, so book some vacation or call in sick and hit a slice of open road, flag a puddle jumper at the airport, or hop a train at Grand Central Terminal -- naturally after downing a Roosevelt martini in its hidden bar, one of the station’s many secrets.

Escape New York City. But escape it like a pro by avoiding the droves of people fleeing the big city. Whatever you are searching for -- adventure, food and drink, beaches, rivers, hiking trails -- do it different from the rest. Blaze your own trail and swim against the current cause finding hidden gems is an ace move.  

Here’s a good test: tell your bros or workmates where you’re headed this weekend. If they respond with a “really” or a “where’s that” or even “why” you know you’re on the right track.

At Black Wolf, we have scouted four lesser-beaten paths away from New York City that will rejuvenate the spirit and be water cooler-ready for impressive conversation when you hit the office… or wherever you hit.

Enders Falls - Connecticut

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Dig waterfalls, forest trails and babbling brooks? Enders Falls is a gem of a spot that waterfall aficionados (actual real people) rave about and are probably dismayed to read stories about -- because word will spread of this Connecticut surprise.  

The Enders State Forest is a 2,500-acre cut of land gifted to the state by a family named, you guessed it, the Enders. Drive up Route 219 in West Granby (less than 20 miles from Hartford), and in the forest you’ll encounter six impressive waterfalls and pools that you’ll want to dive in on a summer afternoon. It’s far more dramatic that it should be, by rights. Picture it: there’s you in a stunning location, in the remote woods of Connecticut, staring at what must be a mirage.

Go in sunny or snowy weather for altogether different experiences, but be sure to bust out your shoes with the best grip, because you’ll want to get right to the water and slipping on wet rocks sucks.

In the spirit of nice, non-touristy things, go grab a room an hour south in Milford, Connecticut and soak up the chill vibe of a perfect little heritage town where you can grab a pint, an espresso, a few books, and a spot on the beach.

Must pack: BlackWolf razor bump cream -- our exceptional post-shave cream that helps soothe irritation, slows the natural aging process and prevents future breakouts -- because you might actually bother to shave in Milford.

Cooperstown Beverage Trail - New York

Do you need to escape New York City and really forget about that mess at work? For those who enjoy the occasional tipple at Christmas and special events, we proudly offer you a 37-mile “beverage” trail upstate in Otsego County. Beverage is a polite term for booooooooooze.

But nice booze. Backcountry booze. Hand-crafted booze. We humbly suggest that a day of Bear Pond Winery, Cooperstown Brewing Company, Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown Distillery, Pail Shop Vineyards, Fly Creek Cider Mill, Rustic Ridge Winery and Butternuts Beer is a day of joy. Haven’t heard of most? Neither have we. Go introduce yourself. Do it proper, do it wet, book a local driving service.

Later, go check who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame since Pete Rose is not. And buy a cap or something.

On the fence? Here are seven reasons why this getaway is good for you.

Must pack: Black Wolf activated charcoal face wash, which reduces breakouts, unclogs pores and soothes irritation. Because hey, at least you’ll be removing, ahem, toxins from your face if from nowhere else on the beverage trail.

Minnewaska State Park - New York

Feed your inner outdoorsman at the simply awesome Minnewaska State Park Preserve that’s big enough you hopefully encounter more chipmunks than people. Trade in the immensity of the concrete jungle for the immensity of nature. 

Go climb a rock face, scuba dive, hike, kayak and camp in this 22,000-acre playground that’s a 90-minute drive from NYC. On 50 miles of spectacular hiking trails, you won’t even know you are practising what the Japanese call forest bathing that claims to lower stress, boost immunity, and get the ole ticker in shape. Don’t miss the Awosting Falls, a spectacle even frozen by winter.

Sleeping in a tent not your jam? Stay over in the funky little town of New Paltz that will tend to most of your needs. Or trek north a bit to the hippie hamlet of Phoenicia.

Must pack: Black Wolf Activated charcoal face wash because there is dirt outside.

Block Island - Rhode Island

We know the city is hard on your skin, so go pamper yourself with some ocean air. Set sail for Block Island, an under-the-radar spot that New Yorkers are lucky to live near. Unwind on 17 miles of unspoilt beaches -- just walk in any direction and you’re bound to hit paydirt. This tiny Rhode Island island (work with us here) offers plenty of outdoor activities and plenty of space to just chill out.

Don’t go without spending time at the Mohegan Bluffs -- 150-foot clay cliffs on the south shore that have a cool backstory, so long as you aren’t Mohegan. In the mid 1500s two American Indian tribes waged a battle to claim the island, and the Niantics seem to have won because the Mohegans were chucked over the side of these cliffs. So there -- some history with your sand.

Must pack: Black Wolf moisturizing gel, which improves your skin’s natural ability to hydrate with hyaluronic acid to help soothe your skin from the salt of the sea.


Postscript: Of course there is the Jersey Coast, the Finger Lakes, Lake Placid, Cape Cod the Catskills, and a clutch of other joints, but you already knew that.

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