How to Upgrade Your Look for Fall: Grooming, Outfits, Shoes

Fall: season of swapping camping lager for harvest ale and iced coffee for pumpkin spice lattes (no judgement), and the official annual retirement of I-won-this-t-shirt-at-a-bar attire. New drinks and threads are just the start. Cause if you gotta head back to the grind, you might as well do it with swagger, my friend.

A quick scan of your closet may reveal the following: “crap” clothes to wear camping/when you finally paint that room/learn how to change the oil in your car; varsity jacket that was a solid decision at the time; jeans with various stages of baggy ass and knee holes; sweaters from your mom whose ongoing existence (the sweaters, that is) is linked to your guilt levels; and then the seven decent outfits you rotate through on the regular.   

How about your medicine cabinet? Because swagger extends to your skincare too. Let’s face it, you could be wearing a Zegna suit with a Rolex watch but if your complexion is a mess, that’s going to steal the show. True story. So if all you’ve currently got going on is the same skin care regimen you’ve been using since high school, a small army of free toothbrushes from the dentist, and some questionable cologne samples, then it’s time to up your game. Big time.

Wondering where to start? Well right here is a good place, because the guys at Black Wolf know all about upping the game. Gaze on our top tips for fashion and face care so you can look -- and feel -- super fine this fall:

The trend zone

One look at a high fashion mag and you might be scratching your head wondering how you (or anyone) can pull off off a plaid suit with a hoodie and a cowboy hat.  Fear not gents, a lot of that pomp and circumstance is just for the runway. 

When it comes to prêt-à-porter (that’s “ready to wear”, for the uninitiated) it’s all about zoning in on the key trends. Here are some top picks to consider:

Go long with leather

Always wanted to look badass like Morpheus in the Matrix? Well good news, now’s your chance. Ultra long leather coats are on point this season -- but if you’re not ready to dance that dance, classic motorcycle styles are lit too.

Denim duty

Jeans are always in style, but they tend to overstay their welcome in our closets. Keep worn-out pairs for mucking about, but invest in a dark-wash skinny jean to stay on trend this fall. And, denim doesn’t have to be relegated to just your lower half -- classic, soft denim shirts are on-point options too.

Check, mate

Plaid shirts may make you think of cottage nights, but they’re a huge look for fall, too. From crisp, dressy button-downs to classic cozy flannels, there’s a pattern -- and a fabric -- to suit your every mood.    

Pumped up kicks

Let’s not forget about what’s on your clodhoppers. Before the season gets into full swing, get thy dress shoes to the cobbler for a tune up -- heels, soles, polish, the full monty. After all, shoes make the man they say, so what does that say about you if they’re scuffed, salt-stained, tattered and torn? When it comes to your kicks though, there’s not much a cobbler can do, so treat yo-self to a brand new pair. This season, the big names all have some pretty sweet styles, from retro throw-backs to Pizza Hut’s pie tops (wut??) so pick a pair that matches your jive.  

Get your groom on

Scroll through anything even remotely related to fashion and we’ll tell you what you won’t see: guys with unkempt beards and razor bumps (photoshop and filters notwithstanding). Women have historically stolen the show when it comes to the skincare spotlight, but thankfully those days are history.

But before you go down a rabbit hole of ingredient overload, know that the best skincare still keeps it simple. Along with a few key grooming tips, all you need to upgrade your skincare routine is an upgrade in products that offer high quality, effective ingredients for an affordable price. Did we mention that our Black Wolf products are the perfect fit for your needs? Yes they are. Clean, soothe, hydrate -- hello fall.



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