How to Protect Your Skin in the City: 3 Ways to Get Urban Life Unstuck from your Pores

Instagram filled with your buddies camping and cottaging as if they are in a beer commercial while you’re stuck breathing exhaust fumes and smog?

We feel you, my friend. Let’s face it -- city living is great, except when it’s not. Unrelenting heat, pollution and every other downside to a typical hot city can wreak havoc on your mood, not to mention your skin.

And for those of us who aren’t blessed with perfect pores -- well, sweat and grime don’t exactly lend themselves to a stellar complexion. What’s a reluctant urban warrior to do?

The good news is, there’s plenty you can do to save face this summer. Here’s a look at the worst offenders -- and the best defenders -- for your skin:

Smog alert!

Whether you’re schlepping to work or taking in an epic ball game, there’s no escaping the environmental assaults on your skin from a hot city’s haze. Sheer madness: nearly 135 million of us live amid unhealthy levels of air pollution, nevermind the fact that it’s pretty much impossible to escape the general dirty, terrible crap that can accumulate on your face every day.  

Our Activated Charcoal Face Wash is the remedy to deep-clean your face from dirt, oil, sunscreen and the other remnants of your day, reducing breakouts and removing unwanted toxins from your skin. How? Well for one, activated charcoal has been used as a medicinal substance for over a century, and is well known for its ability to purify water and neutralize poisons. Just imagine what it can get off your face! You can read more about this very cool ingredient here. Not only that, but our wash contains lykos AF (more on that below) and salicylic acid, which in an anti-bacterial, oil-soluble ingredient that removes dead skin and makes your pores visibly smaller, while acting as a soothing anti-inflammatory too.

Parch city

Withering sun, scorching heat -- and the flip side of the insanely arctic air conditioning blow back that hits you each time you go indoors somewhere. All of it can suck the life out of you, and the moisture out of your skin. And let’s not forget how long nights tend to equal a few more hours of imbibement, another major cause of dehydration. Patio anyone?

Look, dehydration is a killer for your skin and can cause everything from dry skin to uneven skin tone and can even lead to premature aging. In addition to pounding water (hot tip: go one for one when you’re embarking on a booze session), products with hyaluronic acid can be your best friend. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and it promotes collagen production, which gives skin its youthful elasticity. As you age, your skin doesn’t produce the same amount as it did when you were an adorable tot -- hence, your skin is no longer as smooth and firm as a baby’s bum. More on that here.

Products containing hyaluronic acid have been proven to repair the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, but most products that contain it are ultra-premium (seriously, it’s in a lot of the fancy-pants stuff your GF samples at Sephora). But good news gents, cause Black Wolf Nation is all about the extra, without the extra $. Our oil free moisturizer contains this little bit of magic in a jar, improving your skin’s natural ability to hydrate and even forming a protective layer from contaminants and UVB rays -- and all without the hefty price tag. Get up in it!

So hot you could…

Fry an egg on the sidewalk? Make the equator look like the north pole? Cause the windows to fog up? Some of these pickup lines are better than others (uh, actually none of them are) but when it comes to actual heat -- the unrelenting summer kind -- you get excess oil production (your sebaceous glands are encouraged to produce more sebum, to be exact). Throw in your daily shaving routine on top of it all and you’ve got a recipe for a razor bump disaster.

We know that it’s enough of a daily grind just to pick up a razor at all, but you won’t regret taking a little extra time to slather on a post-shave cream -- particularly an oil-free one made to counter the bumps that follow the blade. Our razor bump cream (aptly named, yes?) contains lykos AF (hold on...not that kind of AF) -- a special formulation of active botanicals and proven anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (that kind of AF!) agents that eliminate razor bumps, keeping your skin looking smoother and protecting it from future irritation. The best part -- it won’t break the bank.

For better or worse, the summer is fleeting in most parts of the country.  If you’re forced to enjoy it within the confines of concrete jungle, be sure to put your best face forward with simple and reliable skin care.

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