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What are razor bumps?
Razor bumps are a shaving-related rash caused by bacteria or coarse in-grown hairs. They are often referred to as ‘razor burn’.

How do I know if I have razor bumps?
How would you not know? Seriously, razor bumps are terrible. If you get a bumpy rash on your neck or face after you shave or if you avoid shaving because of pain, you probably have razor bumps.

Why do I have razor bumps?
You may be surprised to learn that the main reason you have razor bumps is not that you’re using a dull razor. Dead skin cells and in-grown hairs clogging your pores are prime breeding grounds for bacteria that build up and leave your skin sensitive to shaving.

What can I do about razor bumps?
A daily (very important!) skincare routine that includes a face wash with salicylic acid and a razor bump treatment with antimicrobial properties, like the products in this bundle, is the best way to keep your bumps under control. 

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