oil-free moisturizing gel (2-pack)

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repair your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture

  • improves your skin’s natural ability to hydrate with hyaluronic acid
  • leaves your skin physically smoother
  • forms protective layer from contaminants and UVB rays
  • water-based allowing your skin to breathe
  • scent-free
  • sulfate and paraben-free

How do I know if I need a moisturizer?
Dry or irritated skin is the most obvious sign that your face could benefit from a quality moisturizer. And surprisingly, oily skin is another sign that your skin could use a little extra hydration help, particularly if the moisturizer is water-based.

Why should I use this oil-free moisturizing gel?
To protect and heal your skin. Water-based formulas like our moisturizing gel help keep the grit and grime of everyday life from penetrating into the pore layer of your skin where they begin to cause problems and infections. A healthy concentration of hyaluronic acid also regulates your skin’s natural processes and youthful elasticity.

How do I use this moisturizing gel?
Our oil-free moisturizing gel is the finishing move to your daily skincare routine. Apply to freshly washed and towel-dried skin after any lighter creams or ointments.