Black Wolf Raises $1.5M in Strategic Angel Funding from All-Star Group of Investors

Today, we’re announcing we have raised $1.5M in angel funding.

Black Wolf has always promised to do things differently - from our core philosophy of simplicity and relatable brand voice to our overall attitude of rejecting the skincare industry’s established norms.  And how we raised capital was no different. 

After being frustrated pitching VCs and seeing other direct-to-consumer brands raise huge amounts of capital at massively inflated valuations (and then finding themselves unprofitable with few exit prospects), we decided to go directly to where we could get the most strategic value.

We turned to the people behind the brands we admired most to build a roster of all-star investors. It could be said that the guidance our cap table provides is more valuable than the capital itself.

The round was led by David Tal and his family – the owners of haircare giant, Moroccanoil, and other angels, including Lensabl founder Andy Bilinsky, Morning Brew co-founder Austin Rief, Ben Higgins, Blake Driver, PopSugar co-founder Brian Sugar, Keeps founders Steven Gutentag & Demetri Karagas, Fast founder Domm Holland, Hubble Contacts co-founder and author of Selling Naked Jesse Horowitz, business attorney and investor Matt Bilinksy, Corigin Ventures General Partner David Goldberg, Nik Sharma of Sharma Brands, CEO of Allstar Products Group and the man behind the famous Snuggie, Scott Boilen, and Thursday Boots CMO Zach Jacobs.

Black Wolf wins with our customers because we prioritize the user experience and are always thinking of new ways to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find products that they’ll love using every day.  Skincare is still really confusing for guys, and while our competition tries to stand out with trendy ingredient call-outs around their individual products, we think of ourselves as your trusted wingman, guiding you through the process of buying and using skincare, making it as approachable as possible.

For those who already know and love us, this funding will bring a whole new line of products that will change the game in new categories such as hair and body. We are going to take our user-experience to an even higher level with more personalized service and support.

We also have ambitious growth plans; we’re continuing to see our online business grow extremely quickly, and are now excited to have the financing and expertise from this round to fuel our launch into retail over the coming year.

The main goal with our expanded product offering and distribution options will be to continue providing our customers with the best possible products available whenever they need us, whether that’s in-store or direct-to-their-doorstep.

Alex and Sam Lewkowict

Founders of Black Wolf

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Awesome news! Awesome post! Awesome guys!

Marc Gameroff June 24, 2020

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