There are plenty of great reasons to use Black Wolf. We've developed these products to solve many of the daily skincare issues guys have that stand between them and the most confident versions of themselves. And we've priced them so any guy can afford them. You shouldn't have to take out a loan to feel good about yourself. 

1. Powerful Ingredients



A skincare line with ingredients that work as hard as you do. From hyaluronic acid for deep hydration to salicylic acid, a powerful and natural ingredient designed to target acne-causing bacteria, each product has been curated to give you clear and balanced skin. Only the good stuff here.

So let’s take a look at some of the critical ingredients you’ll find in Black Wolf products. 

Is charcoal good for your skin?

Oh, yes, it is. Charcoal rolls in with all sorts of antibacterial manpower. It extracts acne-causing bacteria from deep in your pores. It exfoliates and cleans, making sure your pores are small and that they aren’t filled with dead skin cells and grime. Nothing detoxifies the skin like charcoal.

Blue sage sounds good, but what does it do? 

It does sound good, doesn’t it? But it also provides a calming, soothing effect while serving as an ace detoxifier. Sage also comes equipped with antimicrobial properties and collagen enhancers that beat back wrinkles and inflammation. If that’s not enough, it smells pretty damn good, too.

How does salicylic acid work?

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that gets the job done by penetrating your pores and breaking down oil. It also makes it easier for your skin to shed dead cells. Overall, it’s basically the MVP in the ongoing fight against acne. That’s why you’ll find it in a lot of Black Wolf products. It also exfoliates and reduces inflammation. It’s tough to beat SA.

Why coconut extract? 

If you’re looking for a ridiculously effective moisturizer that also nourishes and you are coconut extract is about as good as it gets. On top of being a premier hydrator, coconut extract rolls in with serious anti-inflammatory properties, too. It also helps detoxify your skin and reduces acne.

How does hyaluronic acid get the job done?

Hyaluronic acid gives you a healthy sheen that you may not even realize you want. It occurs naturally in your skin, and a little extra goes a long way toward making your skin look healthier and fresh. It’s good to combat wrinkles, too. 

Seaweed extract? Seriously?

Indeed. Seaweed does a little bit of everything. It pumps your skin full of minerals, proteins, vitamins and amino acids, which serve to protect your skin from UV radiation. Seaweed also fights acne and keeps you looking youthful with its anti-aging properties. It’s also as eco-friendly as it gets. The world would be a better place if everything were as good as seaweed.

What about citrus? 

Citrus not only leaves you smelling irresistibly fresh, it repairs damage and keeps your skin resilient. Citrus comes packed with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental damage.

And what about cucumber extract?

Cucumber is replete with all the good stuff vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. It helps your skin look its best every day, but it’s especially good on those days when your skin is a bit puffy. More than anything, though, cucumber soothes the skin, which is why you’ll find it in our razor bump cream.

2. High Quality for an Affordable Price

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We cut out the middleman and ship direct so you don't pay more for the countless unnecessary steps between the manufacturer and a traditional retailer’s shelf. All of those middleman markups are what we call the “extra" the hidden costs you typically pay for a retail brand. By cutting out the “extra," we’re able to offer amazing quality products at an incredible value.

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3. Built for Your Lifestyle

    The city is hard on your skin pollution, stress, sweat. You’re grinding hard and need products that keep up — we get it. Our products are simple and easy to use and are delivered straight to your door. Here’s to more time for hustle and less time in the aisles of your drugstore.


    4. Buy More, Save More

      With our skincare bundles, we offer targeted solutions for each of your skincare concerns, like oily skin. Sample our bestsellers in our Complete Skincare Bundle or focus on nixing those irritating bumps with our Razor Bump Bundle. 


      5. Made by Guys, for Guys

        Our products were made for guys, by guys. Founders Alex and Sam started Black Wolf at only the ages of 21 and 23 so that real guys like them with real skincare issues could find real solutions.

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