a man shaving his face

Does Shaving Cause Acne?

Source: kudla/ Shutterstock.com A well-executed shave is a rebirth for your mug. Skin all soft and smooth. Showing off that strong jawline.  A bad ...

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a man standing with his shirt open

How to Remove Your Chest Hair

Source: Volodymyr/ TVERDOKHLIB/ Shutterstock.com It’s almost beach season, and maybe you’re feeling a little squatchy and a bit reluctant to get ou...

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man checking face bathroom mirror

What Type of Skin Do I Have?

What’s best for one guy’s skin is not best for the next guy’s. That’s right. Not all skin is the same. And unless you know your skin type, there’s...

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sqaulane molecule

What Is Squalane?

 Source: Bacsica/ Shutterstock.com We all know that our skin produces oil. But perhaps a few too many of us operate under the misconception that ou...

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