Allstar Innovations and Black Wolf® Launch WUSH, The Most Innovative Ear Cleaner to Hit the Market


Allstar Innovations, a performance driven marketing company, and Black Wolf, a skincare line for men, today announced the launch of WUSH, its first ear care product within its portfolio of highly effective solution-based products. In January 2022 Black Wolf joined Allstar’s newly formed Strategic Equity platform which operates under the Allstar Innovations umbrella.

With over 20 years of proven success, $8 billion in sales and well over $2 billion in highly targeted advertising campaigns, Allstar Innovations is responsible for some of the most successful consumer product launches in recent history. Allstar’s Strategic Equity platform is a licensing partnership between the brand and its infrastructure, giving them access to Allstar’s full team and resources in exchange for equity that’s earned into by reaching agreed upon milestones.

Launched in 2018, BlackWolf developed 3 proprietary solution-focused products to help men find an easy and affordable way to solve their skin issues: haircare, body acne & facial skincare. These 3 core products and its strategic partnership with Allstar Innovations has allowed Black Wolf to grow 1000% over the past 4 years.

Now, Allstar and Black Wolf will launch their latest innovation, WUSH Ear Cleaner, the new safe and effective way to remove earwax that can be used by unpracticed people and by health professionals. WUSH’s foldable nozzle connects to a soft, antimicrobial irrigation tip that fits comfortably in your ear. With the press of a button, WUSH generates a massaging triple jet stream of water that gently removes wax build-up and flushes it away.

WUSH is the safe and effective way to clean your ears without using a cotton swab, and can remove resistant ear wax in just 10 to 15 seconds by using lukewarm, pressure targeted water in a safe way. Our Triple Stream spray keeps your ears clean and prevents wax buildup WUSH comes with five additional reusable silicone tips for the whole family to use. Additionally, WUSH is water resistant and great for use in the shower.

“Allstar took our business to a level of sophistication and operational excellence that was required to reach our goals,” said Sam Lewkowict, CEO of Black Wolf. “The entire team are an incredibly smart, ambitious, and kind group – these are the caliber of people that you want in your corner when you go into battle! If you want to take your business to the next level, these are the guys to partner with.”

“Black Wolf joining our strategic equity platform has been a perfect fit,” said Scott Boilen, CEO of Allstar Innovations. “Sam and Alex have both an in-depth knowledge of men’s solution-based product and a passion to understand their customer’s needs. Combining that with the Allstar platform for taking products from concept to consumer has allowed us all to execute towards the vision. WUSH is our most recent exciting Black Wolf launch as finally a solution has been brought to market for safe and effective ear cleaning that also feels good.”

Allstar Innovations takes products and brands from Concept to Consumer™ and solves problems for consumers by bringing only the best products to market. From product testing, engineering, product branding, performance-based advertising, and product development, they have a world-class supply chain function that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Allstar Innovations has longstanding relationships with retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce sites and prides themselves on being nimble, aggressive, fast moving and most importantly, innovative.

About Allstar Innovations
Founded in 1999, Allstar Innovations has been directly responsible for some of the most successful consumer products in history. Allstar Innovations employs experts in direct response marketing, product development and manufacturing, and retail distribution to simultaneously build brands and drive sales. For more information, visit

About Black Wolf
Founded in 2018 by brothers Alex and Sam Lewkowict, Black Wolf manufactures and distributes a solution-focused, men’s product line that addresses everyday problems from dry skin to razor burn. Packaged in sleek, all black packaging, Black Wolf is a brand that knows how to speak to men. Black Wolf started with face wash and moisturizer for guys with breakouts and oily skin, and shortly thereafter launched additional categories in body and hair care.
For more information, visit and follow @blackwolfnation on Instagram and Facebook.

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