Are Face Masks Good for Acne?

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Is beer better cold? Is pizza better hot? Are face masks great at fighting acne? 

The answers to all three questions couldn’t be more obvious. If you say pizza is better out of the fridge the next day, you’re just being a contrarian. And if you happen to be blind to the benefits of charcoal masks, we’re about to open those eyes wide. It just so happens this is one of our favorite topics. 

Gather round, my dudes, for a crash course on one of the surest acne-busting tricks in all the land, the charcoal mask

Purify Your Pores with a Charcoal Mask

Now let’s go ahead and take your skincare routine to the mountaintop. 

Welcome the Mask with Open Arms

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We love to go on and on about the detoxifying virtues of charcoal masks because they are so good for your skin. But there’s another big reason we love to get down on the topic: Too many dudes, even guys with pretty solid skincare routines, have simply never used a peel-off mask. 

We’re working hard to spread the word because a charcoal mask is basically a little spa day for your mug. They make your skin feel amazing, and they give you a deeper clean than anything else. 

What causes acne? Clogged pores. And each time you use a charcoal mask, you’re basically inviting a cleaning crew to rappel into the depths of your pores to gather up all the dead skin cells and various bits of potentially acne-generating debris and grime.   

The Right Way to Mask Up

A charcoal mask is great for your skin, but if you hook it up too often, you’ll quickly find out a thing or two about diminishing returns. 

So, let’s talk about how to apply a peel-off face mask. First off, you want to ready your canvas with some charcoal face wash, my dudes. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but you absolutely need to be using a proper face wash a couple of times per day. A charcoal face wash really should be the cornerstone of every guy’s skincare routine.  

Get a Proper Clean with Our Charcoal Face Wash

The face wash will keep you looking fresh, but it will not venture to the depths of your pores to root out all the nasty lurking down there. Nah, that’s a job for our good friend, the charcoal mask. 

All right, so your face is clean and ready. Now you just apply an even layer of that charcoal goodness from chin to forehead and give it time to do its thing. Soon after it’s applied, you’ll feel it beginning to firm up. That’s how you know it’s getting to work, sending the detoxifying squad down into your pores. 

Ten to 15 minutes after you apply it, it’s time to peel that sucker off. And know that as it comes up, it’s bringing all sorts of potentially acne-generating gunk with it. 

Your skin will never feel better. And it’s going to look great, too. It’s understandable if you feel the urge to mask up every damn day afterward. But you gotta hold off. You cannot be going to the spa every day, gentlemen. 

Nah, you have to limit the mask usage to a couple of times per week. If you overdo it, you’ll end up irritating your skin, and that’s not the look we’re going for.

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So are face masks good for acne? Yeah, dude, they are. There is no better way to take your skincare routine to the next level. 

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