Can You Use Shampoo as Body Wash?

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Dudes love a two-for-one. They love simple solutions, too. That’s why roughly a bunch of guys occasionally lather their hair with shampoo and think, “Why not just take these suds all the way down?” 

We’re talking shampoo-only showers, gentlemen. And we know you’ve done it. But is the shamp-only route such a good idea? Of course, smelling like shampoo isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world. 

There are drawbacks, though. And we aren’t gonna leave you blind to the drawbacks. We just can’t. So let’s analyze what goes down when dudes decide to forgo the charcoal body wash and go for the shamp-only shower.

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Can you use shampoo as body wash? Of course. But should you? That’s what we’re about to explore. 

Shampoo and Body Wash Are Not Interchangeable 

Think about what you’re going for when you shampoo your hair. You aren’t just looking to nix the stank. Nah, you want your locks to emerge looking lustrous. And that often happens because shampoos are generally crafted to leave a little bit of product behind even after you rinse. This is intended to add a little moisture and sheen to your hair.    

If you’re among the throngs who regularly experience body acne, you can probably see where we’re going with this. Yeah, your shampoo can indeed cause acne. In contrast, that charcoal body wash we mentioned a few paragraphs back is infused with acne-busting salicylic acid. Paired with detoxifying charcoal, our body wash is kinda the exact opposite of your potentially acne-generating shampoo. 

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Another note on that body acne: If you’re shampooing the entirety of your frame with a nasty-ass loofah, you’re basically inviting fields of acne to sprout. Loofahs collect dead skin cells and bacteria, getting a little nastier day by day. So if you really want to give your frame what it deserves, you’ll snag a Black Wolf Sonic ScrubberThe silicone repels dead skin cells and bacteria, giving you a 100 percent hygienic shower each and every time. 

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While we’re here, we might as well take a second to address a related debate: bar soap vs. body wash. Unlike shampoo, both of these options will indeed get you clean. But body wash comes out on top in critical areas. Overall, bar soap tends to leave skin dry, and everyone here knows a bar of soap has some decidedly unattractive qualities — embedded hair, bacteria buildup. Of course, our charcoal body wash also comes equipped with salicylic acid, another big win for body wash over bar soap.  

The Verdict Is Clear

You may get away without consequence if you use shampoo instead of body wash once in a blue moon, but if you do it routinely, you’ll almost surely be dealing with an uptick — maybe even a surge — in body acne. 

Clear skin is the goal. That’s why it’s best to avoid making a habit of shampooing the entirety of your being.  

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So, guys, check yourself before you go that shamp-only route the next time. Because we know you want to emerge from your showers with the healthiest possible skin. And you wouldn’t mind doing something about that body acne, too, huh?

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