How to Correctly Apply a Peel-Off Face Mask

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We realize that most dudes don’t have an especially long track record of giving their skin what it needs. That’s basically why we started doing what we’re doing. 

And even among dudes who make plenty of proper moves for their mug might feel a little baffled when it comes to the topic at hand: Just how in the world do you go about properly using a peel-off face mask? 

Don’t fret. We’re here to hook you up with all the mask know-how you need. Because when it comes down to it, there are few better allies in the endless battle with acne than the trusty peel-off face mask

Honor Thy Mug with a Peel-Off Face Mask

Before we dive into those ins and outs of using masks, we realize some of you may need a quick reminder on why you should be hooking yourself up with a charcoal mask in the first place. 

So why should you mask up? Simply because you’re dealing with the deepest clean your pores can get, an acne-busting powerhouse that comes packed with all the goods a healthy face demands. But the star of the show is indeed the activated charcoal, which draws out impurities from the deepest reaches of your pores. 

Absolutely nothing else does what a mask can do. 

Do That Thing

With that reminder out of the way, let’s rip through the best practices. Before you mask, you want to set the stage by cleaning your face with our award-winning activated charcoal face wash

Now it’s time. Squeeze a healthy dollop of that charcoal-infused goodness onto your fingers, rub your hands together and then apply a layer from your chin to your hairline. You might need an additional dollop to get the job done. You just want a nice, even layer on your face — be careful not to get it into your eyes. 

an action shot of a bottle of black wolf face maskWhat’s next? You hurry up and wait. Pretty soon, you’ll start to feel the mask hardening onto your face — that just means it’s doing its thing. It can feel kind of funny that first time. But there’s nothing funny about how glorious your skin is about to feel. Once the mask is fully set, give it 10-15 minutes. 

And then it’s time to unmask. Grab a corner and slowly peel. Take pleasure in this knowledge: As every little bit of mask detaches from your now-so-supple-skin, it’s hauling acne-causing debris with it. 

The mask may not pull off perfectly — little bits may be left here and there. Simply rinse with lukewarm water. At this point, your skin is going to feel astonishingly good. But your work isn’t quite done. You really should take the routine to the next level by moisturizing afterward. 

a man peeling off his face maskHow Often Should You Do That Thing? 

Now that you know how it should be done, you’re likely wondering how often you should do a face mask. It’s such a pleasure, you might be tempted to mask up daily. But you need to quash the urge, harness that acne-busting energy and apply it judiciously. Because there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. And if you over-mask, you’ll pretty quickly see diminishing returns. You really want to limit mask usage to once per week. 

Extract the Bad with a Charcoal Mask

Some dudes get away with a double-dose per week, but two is definitely the max. One should get the job done. Any more than that and you risk irritating your skin. 

We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but whenever any aspect of your skincare routine leads to irritation, you need to take a step back and tone it down because you’re either overdoing it or using products that aren’t suited for your skin type.   

That’s it, dudes. Hook yourself up with a charcoal mask. And do it the right way. That’s how you get that perfect skin.  

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