How Often Should You Do a Face Mask?

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TL;DR: Face masks can quickly become the MVP of your skincare routine, but moderation is key. Overdoing it can lead to dry, cracked and irritated skin, while doing it at the right frequency can equal a fresh, clear complexion. Try to keep face masks to a max of twice per week.

Facial masks are like the leg day of skincare. We all need ’em, yet they’re the first thing to get bumped when we’re too busy or feeling lazy. But here’s the thing: we all need some mask love on occasion if we want a sexy, smooth and zit-free complexion. At the same time, face masks shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Are you overdoing it or underdoing it on the face masks? Here’s how to know if you should consider upping your game or, on the other end of the spectrum, joining face masks anonymous.

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Why We Need the Occasional Face Mask

Whether it’s a peel-off face mask for blackheads or a super-hydrating moisturizing mask, the goal is the same: to deliver ingredients deep down into the skin for some serious healing power. Unlike a regular scrub, wash or moisturizer, a face mask gets to chill out on the skin for 10 or 15 minutes, penetrating deep and getting to work. At the same time, many masks get the chance to dry and harden, which allows them to bind to particles and physically remove stubborn dirt, oil and grime from deep within the pores.

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How Often Is Too Often When It Comes to Face Masks?

Everybody loves a super-satisfying peel-off charcoal mask . Nothing feels quite as rewarding as peeling that baby off and seeing what gunk comes along with it. But we all know that most good things should be enjoyed in moderation, including skincare products. As a good rule of thumb, you should stick to using facial masks no more than twice per week.

With that said, how often you peel depends on what ingredients are in the mask itself. Some masks contain drying ingredients and harsh acids, so too much can actually worsen your skin and leave it gasping for moisture and nutrients. Look for gentle face masks that won’t hurt or damage your skin and go to town a couple of times per week.

How to Use a Face Mask the Right Way

Step one to getting in a face mask state of mind: slice up some cukes. Seriously, cucumber rounds are a fun way to amplify your at-home mask experience and make you feel like you’re deep-cleansing on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Most importantly, they can actually provide a cooling, relaxing effect that may be good for your skin . The cukes are optional though. Here’s what’s not:

  • Start by washing your face . That way, you’ve removed the surface layer of dirt and debris so that your mask has a chance to work on a deeper level. Rinse with cold water to close the pores. Just make sure to fully dry your skin before applying the mask (unless the directions say to wet the skin beforehand) so it works as it should.
  • Apply in an even layer to the skin . Using your fingers, apply the mask in a thin, even layer all over the skin, leaving about an inch around the eyes — including the eyebrows —  and avoiding the lips, ears and hairline.
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  • Let the mask do the work . You can’t rush perfection, and patience is key to solid mask delivery. Read the directions on your mask bottle to see how long you need to wait before peeling it off. The best masks should go to work and be ready to peel off in 10 to 15 minutes after you apply it to the skin.
  • Follow up with a moisturizer. Use a high-quality post-mask moisturizer, like our gel moisturizer for oily skin , to help reintroduce ample hydration into the mix. This step will help you seal in that sexy, smooth feel after your mask.

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So there you have it, guys. Add a little face mask love to your routine once or twice a week to reap all the amazing benefits of this under-leveraged skincare hero. With products from Black Wolf , you can get a crystal-clear complexion without having to learn a whole new language. Happy scrubbing!

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