How to Get Rid of Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

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“You look tired.” Nobody wants to hear those three words, especially after a night of great, restorative sleep. If you occasionally hear it, you might suffer from the dreaded under-eye dark circles. But, whatever you do, don’t lose sleep over it because that will only make things worse. Also, since there are plenty of under-eye treatments that can whip things into shape, there’s no point in stressing.

Read on to learn how to get rid of dark circles so you look perfectly well-rested, even when you stayed up a little too late.

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What Causes Dark Circles?

To understand how to get rid of dark under-eye circles, you need to understand why they occur in the first place. Basically, dark circles happen when the skin becomes dull or pale, which causes the dark tissue and blood vessels beneath to pop and become more visible. They also happen when the skin around the eyes gets tired and fluid builds up, causing that dreaded puffy look.

When you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess fluid that pools throughout the body, including beneath your eyes, which is what causes them to flare up. Often, this makes the tissues beneath the skin appear more visible, but it also casts shadows that create that dark, sleep-deprived look. Not drinking enough water, smoking or having an iron deficiency may also be to blame for those stubborn rings around your eyes.

Aging and genetics may be a factor, too. As we get older, our skin loses its ability to produce some of the compounds it needs to stay lively — including collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans —  which are required for that vibrant, healthy look. As we lose production of these essential compounds, the skin starts to appear thinner and less elastic, hence why the dark circles seem to appear darker with age.

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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

So is there a good way to stop dark circles in their tracks? Yup. Here are some of the best methods for getting rid of those dark circles under your eyes.

    • Use an Under-Eye Gel — Step No. 1 in dark circle remediation: Use a good-quality under-eye gel that can help improve the appearance of dark circles. Ours features caffeine to help depuff under-eye bags and a super-invigorating formula to brighten them up when they look dull.
    • Follow a Good Skincare Routine in General — Following a good skincare regimen — washing your face twice a day with a solid face wash and following up with a good moisturizer — is an all-around great way to arm your skin with the nutrients it needs to ward off dry skin. Irritated, dirty, dry skin will only highlight the dark spots and make them look worse.
    • Get Enough Water — We all know we should be getting ample water every day, not only for our health, but also for our beauty. Lapping up the right amount of H2O helps pump the skin with the moisture it needs to naturally depuff and detoxify so your skin looks healthy and happy once again.
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  • Stay Out of the Sun — We don’t say it enough, but we think SPF is the MVP when it comes to getting good skin, and that’s definitely true with regard to dark circles. Overexposure to the sun can cause the body to kickstart its production of melanin, which can cause the skin’s pigments to darken around the eyes. Make sure to rock a good facial SPF when you head outside.
  • Kick the Bad Habits — It’s probably in your best interest to steer clear of food and drinks that cause dehydration and insomnia, including alcohol and caffeine. We all know that a night of heavy drinking tends to result in a rough night of sleep and that obviously-hungover look, so make sure to keep it at a minimum if you’re looking to kick the circles. While you’re at it, kick the tobacco, too, since the toxins in your cigarettes can damage the thin, delicate tissues surrounding the eyes.
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Zapping the Optic Fatigue

Although the occasional pair of raccoon eyes happen to pretty much everyone from time to time — especially after a long night of partying or a late-night flight — there are definitely some simple things you can do to prevent them from lingering for too long. Follow these tips from Black Wolf and soak it in when people finally stop telling you that you look tired!

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