How to Moisturize Your Face When You Have a Beard

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If you think that thick beard you’re rocking means you don’t need to worry about moisturizing — man, have you got another think coming. Hirsute dudes need to moisturize, too. Disregard the skin underneath the thick, glorious forest that is your beard and you’re all but guaranteeing a forest floor riddled with acne, skin flakes and dead skin cells. 

Maybe you don’t care because you can’t see it. But just…don’t be that guy. Just don’t. Your beard isn’t forever, or at least it probably isn’t. Your skin on the other hand — you definitely got that for the long haul. 

So, yes, the importance is undeniable, but we are sympathetic to the fact that moisturizing underneath your beard can be a messy nuisance — just try penetrating to the nubs of that beard with a viscous moisturizer. But you know we have the answer. We always do. This time it’s in the form of our gel moisturizer for oily skin

Get You Some Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin

But before we delve deeper into the gel, let’s spend some time with an in-your-face reason to hydrate ’neath your beard…

Beard Dandruff 

Beard flakes happen. They are a fact, an inconvenient truth. They are kinda gross, pretty damn embarrassing and they are definitely preventable. Wanna guess one of the main ways to stave off these face flakes? Yep, moisturizing. 

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This is just a warning shot for all the stubborn dudes out there who aren’t ready to commit to a sub-beard moisturizing routine. If our frustration for that subset wasn’t plenty apparent before, let us reiterate: Do not be one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind bros who refuses to apply a basic skincare routine to the entirety of his face. 

In addition to moisturizing daily, you should also be hooking it up with a weekly exfoliating routine paired with a charcoal peel-off face mask. A face mask can get a little messy for the thoroughly bearded, but the blast of squalane alone is worth it. What is squalane? Oh, it’s simply a hydrating superpower. 

Back to the Gel

A little scrub and mask messiness is tolerable as a weekly event. But your standard issue moisturizer — which you should be using every. single. day — can feel like an affair too sloppy to tolerate when you’re trying to work it into that face mane. 

But, gel, my man — we’re talking easy absorption. Yup. Working our oil-free moisturizer into that in-need skin under your beard is as easy as munching down on that stray bit of potato chip happenstance that unearths from your mug bush every now and again. 

Snag Some Oil-Free Moisturizer

Ultimately, whether your face is fully bearded or baby’s-butt smooth, your skincare regimen should adhere to the same basic tenets. We’ve covered exfoliation, masking and extolled the virtue of moisturizing. But the bedrock of every dude’s routine absolutely has to be — no question about it — the right face wash. Hook that up twice daily and moisturize afterward. 

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To sum up, dudes, you might feel a little more rugged when you’re rocking a thick beard. But that skin under there — it’s definitely not tougher than it was before you allowed your beard to take over. If anything, that tract of derm is probably in need of a little love. After all, dudes tend to neglect what they can’t see. That is certainly the case with scores upon scores of dudes who allow the skin to languish underneath their thick manes.

As we said before: Don’t be that guy. 

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