Four Reasons You Need a Men’s Skincare Routine for Your Oily Skin

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Are you a greasy dude? You know it if you are. You almost certainly spend a fair amount of time pondering the big questions like, why is my nose so oily? Oily skin is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, loads of dudes fall into the oily camp. 

But if you’re a greasy guy and aren’t getting after it with a regular skincare routine tailored to your needs — well, perhaps you should be a smidge embarrassed about that. 

Let’s be perfectly clear: When we say routine, we aren’t merely talking about washing your face. Nah, when we drop the r-word, we’re talking about washing, exfoliating, moisturizing — all of it. 

A routine, my man, is not one thing. Of course, our award-winning charcoal face wash is a serious tool in every fresh-faced dude’s arsenal, but you need to hook that face wash up with teammates fit for the task. 

Keep It Fresh with Our Charcoal Face Wash

So, let’s take a look at reasons why you should have a full-on skincare routine for your oily mug. And while we do that, we’ll also clue you in on what that routine should look like. 

Keep Acne at Bay

Priority number one for most dudes dedicated to their skincare is to keep breakouts to an absolutely bare minimum. And a little extra acne-fighting vigilance is necessary for dudes grappling with naturally oily skin. 

Acne, of course, is the result of clogged pores. And you best believe that excess oil can lead to clogs and breakouts. That face wash we mentioned a few paragraphs back: Use it twice daily. And after you wash, hook yourself up with our gel moisturizer for oily skin (more on oily skin and moisturizing in a moment). 

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In addition, you should be exfoliating once per week. And if you truly want to become a skincare hero, you’ll go the extra mile by incorporating an oil-extracting peel-off face mask into your weekly routine. 

Fight the Shine

If you’ve just wrapped a grueling workout, it’s okay if your face is shining like a light. There’s not much you can do about that. But if you’re just gleaming all the time with your face so shiny it’s hard for others to look at — well, that’s a pretty clear indication that you aren’t taking great care of your skin. 

It’s just a fact of life for oily dudes. When you aren’t vigilant about your skincare, it’s pretty easy to tell. And that is just not a good look. 

So fight the shine by developing a routine and sticking with it. 

Oily Dudes Need to Moisturize, Too

This is one staple of the oily-dude skincare bible that stops lots of fellas in their tracks. Dudes with oily skin also need to moisturize? Yep, we understand if it seems like moisturizing only adds fuel to the fire. But the practice actually helps prevent your sebaceous glands from kicking into sebum-production overdrive. Moisturizing serves as a regulating device, a governor. 

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Of course, you need to do it the right way. Oily skin calls for oil-free moisturizer

Hydrate Your Mug with Our Oil-Free Moisturizer

Get the proper moisturizer for your skin type and use it — every damn day. It keeps your skin healthy. And it’s a critical ally in the acne battle. 

Long-Term Benefits

Look, if you’re a young dude, it makes sense if you’re more focused on right now than five, ten, thirty years down the road. But know the steps you’re taking for your skin today not only provide immediate benefit, they’ll keep you looking fresh as the years stack up and the wrinkles start trying to scrunch up your mug. 

While we’re talking wrinkles, a quick note about sun safety: Yes, sun exposure can wrinkle you like a prune well before your time, but sun damage can also lead to cancer. Don’t risk it. Use sunscreen. Of course, oily dudes need oil-free sunscreen for their mugs.  

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What do you say, oily dudes? Heard enough to get serious about a skincare routine? We sure hope so. You’ll stay looking good for the long haul. And your skin will thank you — eventually. 

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