Is Sweating Good for Acne?

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Most everyone knows acne is the unfortunate result of clogged pores. But fewer among us can explain the impact a sweaty-as-hell workout has on your pore clearance and subsequent acne level. 

Does the sweat provide another potential acne-generating blockage? Or does a good sweat serve to flush your pores, acting as a natural exfoliant while you grind away? 

Before we slip into our tracksuit and work this matter out, let’s quickly dispel any notion that a workout somehow exfoliates like a damn silicone body scrubber. Sorry, workout fiends. Grinding in the gym by no means substitutes for a rigorous skincare regimen. If anything, it just makes skincare all the more important. 

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All right, dudes, let’s explore the potential acne-related effects of that sweaty, sweat, sweat. 

Prep for It

We realize that some of you may be here yearning for an excuse to avoid the gym. Just the slightest hint that sweating causes acne and you’re peacing out — no more gym. Black Wolf says it’s bad for the skin. 

So with that in mind, we are reluctant to report that sweating can indeed lead to breakouts. BUT before you go canceling that gym membership, let us detail that tiny bit of effort required to prevent sweat-related acne. 

First off, you want to go into your workouts relatively clean. If you’re lugging excess bacteria into your session, you’re asking for acne on your mug and body. Now it’s not critical that you wash your face before a workout — unless you happen to be wearing makeup or an oily moisturizer — but it’s not gonna hurt. 

But it’s essential that you roll in with fresh gym clothes. Nasty attire can result in acne mechanica, a type of acne all-too-familiar to athletes. It sprouts when sweat gets trapped beneath form-fitting athletic gear, and it’s all the more common when that gear is laden with nastiness from previous workouts. 

That Sweaty Session 

Now, let’s get to the workout. 

If you’re getting at it in a gym, it’s critical that you be mindful of where those hands are going. If they’re going to your face, they are likely bringing acne-causing bacteria along for the ride. And if you’re dabbing your face with a towel, make sure it’s fresh. 

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For outdoor workouts, be sure to WEAR SUNSCREEN — oil-free for your face. Sun wreaks havoc in a myriad of ways, including acne. Really? Yep. The sun dries your skin and dry skin produces excess sebum, which clogs pores. 

Post-Workout Cleanup

Some insist that sweating purges toxins. Unfortunately, that’s a myth, but sweating is still good for you and it’s certainly not bad for your skin — unless you let it linger. 

After your workout, it’s critical that you clean your frame ASAP. At this point, your skin is awash in potentially pore-clogging gunk. If you let it fester, that potentiality becomes a reality.  

Shower in the gym or shower as soon as you get home. And come prepared with the right tools. Remember how we said that sweat isn’t exactly an exfoliant? Well, you know what is? How about our premium bamboo facial exfoliant. Using it post-workout is a good move, but let us also remind you that you can overdo it with scrubs. Twice per week should give you the dead-skin-cell-eliminating benefits without the irritation. 

After you exfoliate, prevent an onset of below-the-neck-acne with our charcoal body wash. And hook your mug up with our acne-combating face wash. Don’t be a fool and slide into those nasty workout clothes after you shower. Slip into some fresh, bacteria-free duds, man. 

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Bottom Line

Back to the initial question: Is sweating good for acne? Well, an overall healthy lifestyle is indeed good for acne prevention. And regular sweaty exercise is a key ingredient to a generally healthy approach. Your skin is a barometer for your overall health. So in that sense, yes, sweating is good for your skin. Exercise is good for every bit of your being. If you think kicking it on the couch is going to provide perfect, dewy skin, you’re about as wrong as jorts at a funeral. 

So work out, and work out hard. Just don’t go into your workout funky, and be sure to clean up as quickly as you can after. 

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