Grooming for Teenage Guys: What You Need to Know

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Being a young dude isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Changes aplenty going down. Mad uncertainty. Endless anxiety. A whole lot to figure out. 

And while we can’t help with the unique, big-picture items coming at you, we can certainly offer valuable advice on the grooming front. For the big stuff, young dudes, we can just offer some encouragement: Stick with it — you’ll figure it out. But for a day-to-day approach on looking fresh, our bread and butter, we got you. 

So let’s run down the best grooming practices for teenage dudes before that chest and back acne takes over and fully inhabits your frame (kidding, that’s not happening). 

Let’s Face It

It might seem like no matter what you do, you can’t win. Acne. On your face. All the time. 

We aren’t about to wave the white flag and accept it, but acne struggles are an inevitable part of those trying teenage years. The struggle is universal (find some solace there), but there are measures you can take to get the upper hand. It’s all about finding a skincare routine that works and sticking with it. 

For starters, you absolutely need to be using the right products. The bedrock, the foundation of every young dude’s face-saving regimen: our charcoal face wash. Use it a couple times every damn day. The charcoal serves to detoxify, drawing out the pore-clogging bad stuff. 

Protect Your Mug with Our Charcoal Face Wash

And you need to exfoliate a couple of times per week. This is a deep-cleaning process that dips into the vast reaches of your pores to extract dead skin cells (your body ditches upwards of 40,000 skin cells every day) and other acne-causing lurkers. To truly become an acne-fighting all-star, though, you need to hook up your mug once per week with a peel-off face mask. That process goes to the deepest reaches of your pores to pull out the most stubborn acne-causing gunk. 

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Body Acne

Those neck and back pimples we mentioned earlier — they suck, right? Yeah. Well, too many dudes seem to think nothing can be done about them. Not true. The basics for battling mug acne generally apply here, too. 

Most importantly, you gotta keep your frame clean. And if you think you’re doing your body a service with that loofah hanging in your shower, you’re dead wrong. Loofahs are storehouses for dead skin cells and bacteria. Rub that on yourself, and you’re defeating the purpose. What’s the exact opposite of that nasty loofah? Our silicone body scrubber. It comes correct with antibacterial silicone bristles, giving you that hygienic deep clean each and every time. 

Exfoliate Your Frame with Our Silicone Body Scrubber

Showering the right way is critical. But to win the battle against body acne, you also need to make sure you aren’t wearing the same funky clothes every time you exercise. Lots of young athletes are baffled by the acne that emerges underneath their uniforms/workout gear. Keeping your stuff clean goes a long way toward eliminating that nuisance. 

Body Hair 

We don’t want to spend too much time here because we don’t want you to spend too much time thinking about it. In the body hair department, too many dudes seem to think they need to eliminate it, at least from groin to chest. But that requires a lot of maintenance. The fact is, a little upkeep with a body hair trimmer is all you need — if you need anything at all. 

Unless you’re on the swim team and it all needs to go, accept some body hair. It’s going to be with you for the long haul. If what you’re rocking feels unruly, break out the trimmer, but don’t get too aggressive with it. 

Some body hair is okay, dudes. 

Nail Maintenance

One of the surest ways to tell someone has holes in their grooming game? Nasty nails — fingers and toes. Get clippers and use them regularly. You can’t maintain good fingernails with your chomping-ass teeth. Don’t make us make the same point about toenails. 

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Those are some clutch basics, dudes. You may have noticed we didn’t mention the importance of brushing and flossing. Why’s that? Well, we respect you too much to harp on the obvious. 

The rest of the stuff here, though — stick with it and stay fresh.

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