What to Know About Caffeine in Skincare

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What’s caffeine good for? Perhaps more than you realize. 

When you wake up bleary-eyed, barely able to roll your rickety frame out of bed, it’s hard to imagine taking on the day without a caffeinated turbo boost. But even when we score that flawless night’s sleep, most of us start our days with coffee. It’s just hard to imagine life without that morning jolt. 

But caffeine can do more than propel you into the day. More and more, it’s being hailed as a major boon to your skincare routine. And for good reason. Whether you’re exfoliating with a coffee scrub or soothing yourself with our eye gel with caffeine, the benefits are vast.  

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Let’s dig in and get a better understanding of why caffeine is making a splash in the skincare realm. (Hint: It’s because it can make you look better and it’s good for your skin, providing short-term and potentially long-term benefits.)

“The coffee bean has antioxidant properties, similar to other berries, which may positively affect the aging process,” according to dermatologist Anna Chacon. That means fewer wrinkles. She adds that caffeine is an antioxidant that serves to protect your skin from dreaded ultraviolet radiation. That also means fewer wrinkles, but not just that: UV radiation is a leading cause of skin cancer. Caffeine just may help you fight it off (but please, protect your skin with sunscreen, too). Oh, an added bonus for dude’s worried that things may be getting a little thin up top: Chacon says caffeine may promote hair growth. 

Back to that morning cup of coffee. On those especially bleary-eyed days, it’s likely you’re also rocking some seriously dark circles under those eyes. You might be hoping a cup (okay, many cups) of coffee will help with that. And the coffee probably will. 

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But there’s another role caffeine can play when it comes to the eternal question of how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. It’s time to get topical with our caffeine-infused under eye gel. That’s right, our double-duty glacier eye gel beats back your dark circles. It also depuffs those baggy under eyes and adds wrinkle defense with powerful peptides and retinol. 

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Caffeine helps restore your groggy-looking eyes by “constrict(ing) the blood vessels under the skin, which reduces the puffiness,” according to The Derm Review. Of course, that can help you look younger, if that’s the kind of thing you’re going for. No question, we all want to look well rested and ready to go. 

Caffeine can do a lot for your skin. But caffeine alone isn’t going to get the job done. That’s why you need to incorporate caffeine-infused products in your overall skincare routine. Use the right face wash twice per day. Exfoliate a couple of times per week. Keep it moisturized. If you maintain a healthy routine and add caffeine on top of it, your skin may look as vibrant as you feel after slamming a few morning cups of coffee before you go forth and seize the day. 

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