What to Know About Seaweed Extract for Skin

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Lots of guys may scoff at the idea of making seaweed a part of their skincare routine. We understand. At first blush, it can sound like an absurdity. Seaweed? On your face? 

But if you’re here, that means you care about putting your best face forward. And if you want the healthiest skin possible — we know you do — that means you need to maintain an open mind and use what’s best for your skin. And, guys, the evidence is pretty clear: Seaweed extract can help take your skin to the next level, especially when paired with the right products, like this eye gel with caffeine

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So let’s get into the weeds on why seaweed should become a part of your skincare routine.     

Right off the rip, you should know that science is on seaweed’s side. This Marine Drug’s study touts seaweed’s “potent skin protection ability,” noting a wide array of potential benefits  everything from “anti-aging” to “anti-acne.” Seaweed is basically a powerhouse, equipped with proteins, amino acids and minerals. Vitamins? How about a thorough dose of A, B, C, D and E, vitamins common in skincare products, as the Marine Drug study notes.  

Maybe you’re wondering about seaweed’s nutritional content? Well, we’ll just keep it short and sweet with a note from dietitian Carolyn Brown: “Seaweed is a vitamin and mineral jackpot.” 

And if you care about using environmentally friendly products, it’s tough to find anything that beats seaweed. Seaweed farming — as strange as it sounds — is not only a thing, it’s a big thing, offering a range of environmental benefits as broad as the physical benefits outlined above. Seaweed grows at an insanely fast rate and asks very little from the farmers who grow it. It’s just there, plugging along self-sufficiently while it filters the water and pulls carbon dioxide from the air. 

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What more do you need? Well, you need the right skincare routine, from the proper face wash to the right moisturizer, like this gel moisturizer for oily skin.

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We recommend pairing seaweed-containing products with some must-haves. First of all, you need to keep it clean. Use our charcoal face wash twice every day. It’s a proven breakout-blocker that will wreak havoc on acne when paired with seaweed. Exfoliate two or three times per week with our gritty bamboo scrub that will keep you fresh by nixing dead skin cells and inevitable gunk buildup. And, of course, you gotta stay moisturized. Our under eye gel, packed with peptides and retinol, will keep those dark circles and wrinkles at bay. And if that’s not enough, it’ll give you an invigorating jolt with its eye-opening glacier formula.

If you arrived here, a seaweed skeptic, you may now be wondering if there’s anything seaweed isn’t good for. Well, there’s gotta be something. But it’s an irrefutable fact that seaweed is good for you, inside and out. It’s good for the environment, too. 

So whether you’re enjoying the health benefits of a seaweed snack or you’re applying it to your skin, you can take heart in knowing that the seaweed that’s about to do you some good did the environment some good before it came your way. 

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