Men’s Eyebrow Grooming: How to Get Your Eyebrows Done

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Even well-coiffed dudes have a pretty glaring hole in their grooming game. 

It’s not hard to find strict adherents to the self-care for men playbook. Dudes who keep fresh haircuts, eat right, workout obsessively, get proper sleep, etc. They do all of it, BUT they have caterpillars running roughshod over their eyes. 

We’re talking about basic eyebrow maintenance, or the lack thereof. It’s high time you stop overlooking those brows, fellas. 

So if you’re among the squadron of dudes doing it so right you’re hooking yourself up with a weekly application of our pore-saving charcoal mask for men but you have stray eyebrow hairs stretching halfway up your forehead, this is for you.

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Basic brow care isn’t difficult. You just need to pay attention to those bushy things and know how to maintain order. No more unruly eyebrows, okay? Now let’s see about putting this problem to bed, once and for all. Of course, you can go to a pro for your brow work, but we’re here to preach self-sufficiency. So let’s go. 

Into the Thicket

All right, we put you on blast and you’re ready to tame those brows. But when you lean in close for a look at the mess, you might feel a little perplexed. Where do you begin? Where do you stop? What tools do you need? 

First off, the tools. You can get more advanced here, but all you truly need are three basic items: tweezers, a comb and a pair of scissors. 

It’s easy to go overboard once you set in on your brows — plucking and plucking until you end up with Tootsie Rolls over your eyes. But there are tricks for knowing where the borders should be. These tips will give your eyebrows proper shape and serve as a governor to keep you from going hog wild with the tweezers. 

Inner Brow

Now let’s get to work, starting with the inside of your eyebrows, one brow at a time. Grab your comb and hold it vertically at the middle of your nostril. All those hairs on the outside of the comb line? They gotta go. Pluck away with your tweezers. 

Then, do the same thing for the other brow. This will give you a proper inner-brow border. And you know what it guards against? The dreaded unibrow. 

Outer Brow

All right, now for the far side. Grab that comb again. Hold it vertically at the middle of your nostril again. But this time tilt it to the outside corner of your eye. All that hair beyond the comb line needs to go. 

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Pretty easy, right? Now your eyebrows start and stop where they should. On to the middle ground.

The Arch

Back to the nostril with your vertical comb. This time, we are tilting it to the middle of your eye. This is where your arch should be. See that slew of strays beneath your eyebrow? Get to plucking, but control yourself. Don’t feel like you need to create a solid line. You’re just doing a little cleanup. 

And you’re just working below the arch here. Don’t mess with anything above. 

Taming the Bush

You should be rocking a pretty respectable brow shape at this point. Now, we just need to do something about the high-flying hairs. Again, we are going to proceed with a certain level of restraint. 

Grab that comb and hold the teeth flat against your brow. Don’t smash it against your head. Just hold it there comfortably. See some long hairs popping through the teeth? Nix ’em with your scissors. 

Regular Maintenance 

Just like that, your eyebrows are pretty much hooked up. It’s pretty friggin’ easy. And it doesn’t require all that much upkeep. Mike Potter, groomer to the stars, stresses that less is more. He urges dudes to check for strays every other week. Nix those strays and you’ll maintain respectable brows. 

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You’re a truly well-coiffed gentleman now. You’re keeping it fresh with charcoal face wash. You’re moisturizing. And to show the world how not-a-barbarian you are, you’re finally doing something about those brows.  

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