How to Remove Your Chest Hair

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It’s almost beach season, and maybe you’re feeling a little squatchy and a bit reluctant to get out there with your shirt popped off, curly mounds of chest hair bouncing around for all to see. 

Does that describe you? Thinking about mowing down those chest curlies but worried you’ll come away looking ridiculous? Understood. We don’t consider chest hair the worst thing in the world, but we feel you. So don’t worry because we’ve got your back — er, your chest. 

So let’s tackle that chest thicket the right way. Maybe we’ll even gain a little knowledge about preventing chest and back acne with an assist from our charcoal body wash

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Without further ado, here’s a little something for all the hirsute gentlemen out there who are ready to fight back.

Shave It All Off

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Why not deal with the most extreme look right from the jump? We’re talking about shaving it all the way down to the skin here, gentlemen. 

Now you might want to take a step back and offer up an honest assessment of your fitness level before you shave. If you know your way around the bench press and your pecs reflect that, you might be able to pull off the shaved look. If you’re rocking a few extra pounds up there and maybe things aren’t as tight as you’d like, you might want to opt for a trim instead. And know that a shaved chest looks a bit silly if your stomach is a hairy mess. More than likely, you’ll have to shave there, too. Same fitness warning applies: Unless you’ve been doing a little ab work, you may feel differently about having a completely bare stomach. 

If you think you pass the fitness check and you’re ready to proceed, know that the lessons you apply to shaving your face largely apply here. Don’t be messing around with a dull razor. Nasty razors put you at greater risk for razor burn and acne. And exfoliate in the shower before you shave. Bust out that charcoal body wash and lather up a silicone body scrubber from our collection. That will rid your body of dead skin cells and gunk, clearing a path so your razor only has that hair to mess with. Reduced resistance for your razor reduces the likelihood of razor bumps. 

Silicone Body Scrubber

Exfoliate with our Silicone Body Scrubber

Having second thoughts about shaving? Okay then, how about a…

Trimmy, Trim, Trim

Let’s bust out those trimmers and take a more conservative approach to chest hair maintenance. You can get by with any clippers, but you’ll have much better luck with a body hair trimmer. 

a man using an trimmer on his chest hair

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Remember, we’re playing it safe here. You don’t want to give your body a buzz cut. Why not? Because you’ll look utterly ridiculous. You can play around with what length works best, but anything under ¼ inch is risky business. 

And don’t think you can just trim around your chest and call it a day. You need to address that stomach, too. 

There are a lot of reasons to opt for trimming over shaving, but the main advantage is that it requires less upkeep. Lots of guys — even dudes in excellent shape — prefer trimming to shaving.

But if you just gotta go down to the skin, there are other options. 

Other Ways to Go Bare

Most dudes who take it all the way down to that chest skin do it with a razor, but we’ll go ahead and note additional methods, as we don’t want you leaving here without a full understanding of your deforestation options. 

Cream it. Hair removal cream is kinda gross, but it works. You just apply it, wipe it off and wham — a few weeks of hairlessness. A big drawback is that it can definitely irritate your skin. Test it on a wee patch before you deploy it on your chest and beyond. 

Wax it. Again, we’re looking at prolonged hairlessness here — perhaps a month and a half. But that irritation risk is also strong with waxing. If you hit up a professional for the job, though, you might get lucky and avoid irritation altogether. 

All right, dudes. You got the knowledge. Now it’s time to pick your approach and tame those chest curlies. 

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