Suffering From a Beard Rash? Here Are Four Solutions to Try

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A proper beard can give a dude some seriously rugged appeal. Everybody knows it. You know what can wreck the whole thing, though? 

Beard rash. That rugged allure goes right out the window when the dude in question has irritated skin he can’t stop scratching. 

But if you’re rocking that itchy beard, my man, don’t fret. Because you know we got you. We’re here with a bag of tricks that’s all-but-guaranteed to help soothe that forest floor. Some of these tips might seem a little obvious (but you are washing regularly with proper charcoal face wash, right?). Others are a bit outside the box. 

Keep It Clean with Charcoal Face Wash

You can be sure, though, that the solution to beard rash woes is contained herein. So let’s get to it and nix that nastiness. 

Ditch Those Dead Skin Cells 

It’s kind of hard to believe, but our skin basically renews itself every single month. Skin cells are constantly dying and being born. Your body ditches thousands upon thousands of skin cells every day. Sometimes those dead skin cells flit away, but you best believe a veritable $#uckton of them end up getting lodged in the depths of your pores. 

If you don’t take action, those dead skin cells lead to acne, dry skin and, yes, beard rashes. So what do you do? Exfoliate, my dude. 

A couple of times per week, get after it with an exfoliating charcoal mask. It can get a little messy when you have a beard, but it sure as hell beats a beard rash, no? 

Keep It Clean, Bro

We mentioned it above, but here we are to hammer it home: You need to wash your face a couple of times per day. Not with bar soap. No way. You need to use a salicylic acid-infused charcoal face wash

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The heavier your beard, the more likely it is to accrue all sorts of potentially skin-irritating nastiness throughout the day. One of the surest ways to prevent beard rashes is to simply do what every responsible dude needs to be doing without fail, every single day (this goes for guys with beards and those without): wash your damn face. 

You Gotta Moisturize 

Too many hirsute dudes forgo moisturizing their beard region. That’s a shame. You wanna guess what happens to guys who fall into this camp? Yep: beard rashes. 

Truth be told, working a viscous lotion into a beard is no walk in the park. So what do you do? Use a moisturizer that’s up for the task — example: our easily absorbed gel moisturizer for oily skin. Truly, it’s a breeze to work through even the lushest beards.

Prevent Beard Rashes with Our Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Give that desiccated skin ’neath your beard what it needs. Because dry, neglected skin is all-too-likely to lead to that unpleasantness we’re trying to prevent. You should be moisturizing at least twice daily, preferably after you wash. 

Maintain your routine

Lots of bad things have the opportunity to take root beneath beards because dudes have a pretty predictable tendency to disregard what they can’t see. It’s an understandable if not entirely sensible way to go through life. 

Just know that you might feel a little bit tougher when you’re rocking a thick beard, but that skin underneath is just as sensitive as it was before you let that face mane come in. Proper skincare remains just as important as it used to be. Don’t forget that. And don’t fall into the predictable dude mode of neglecting everything that’s out of sight. 

Maintaining a proper skincare routine is the surest way to put an end to skin irritation underneath that glorious beard of yours. 

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Bearded dudes, you don’t need to suffer from the dreaded forest-floor rash. You just gotta keep that skin underneath your beard healthy. It’s not hard. You just need to put in the work. Just follow the tips outlined here, and you’ll be well on your way to banishing those damn beard rashes.

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