How to Use Men’s Face Wash

We drop so many words extolling the virtues of our products that perhaps we too often bypass a critical element: making sure you’re using the damn things correctly. So every once in a while, we like to take a step back and hammer home some basics. 

Because having the right tool is one thing. But you gotta know how to use it, too.    

With this how-to installment, we’ll be taking a look at the best practices for using face wash. And the “right tool” we just mentioned, that would be our salicylic acid-infused, acne-busting charcoal face wash, a clutch product that should be the bedrock of every dude’s skincare routine. 

Keep It Clean with Charcoal Face Wash

All right, fellas, let’s dip into and make sure you’re getting the most from your face wash each and every time. 

Maximize That Benefit

For starters, how often should we be washing our face, fellas? Twice per day. Every damn day. That’s all you need. But be sure to add a wash during the day if you happen to get mad sweaty. 

Of course, the goal here is getting clean. Don’t interfere with the grand plan by introducing grime from your hands. So go ahead and wash those mitts before bringing them to your face. 

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Aight, now it’s time to get to work. For your next move, use lukewarm water to wet your face. Using the right water temp is actually pretty critical. Some dudes think you gotta use super-hot water. Other dudes are just certain cold water is the answer. Wrong and wrong. Lukewarm water is the key, my dudes. 

Now dispense about a nickel-sized dollop of that charcoal face wash and gently work it into your face. Lots of guys feel like they need to put a little muscle into it. Those dudes are wrong, too. Let the face wash do its thing without mashing your mug, which will only serve to irritate your skin, something we are always striving to avoid. 

It’s time to rinse. Again, use lukewarm water. Once you’re all rinsed up, you gotta dry thyself. Should you scrub your face dry like a friggin’ barbarian? Uh, nope. It’s best to gently dab yourself dry with a nice, fluffy towel. Of course, make sure that sucker’s clean, too. 

Lock in that excellent work with a moisturizer suited for your skin type and you’re good to go. Job well done. 

Take It to the Next Level

All right, so you’re using that charcoal face wash daily like you’re supposed to. That all-but-guarantees a solid complexion, but we want you taking your skincare to the next level. We want you to have that good-as-hell complexion. And you can’t get there — you simply can’t, dudes — without hooking it up with our bamboo facial exfoliant once or twice per week. 

Ditch the Grime with our Bamboo Facial Exfoliant

Exfoliating reaches to the depths of your pores like nothing else. It extracts dead skin cells and grime from places nothing else can reach. For a detailed breakdown of how you should go about it, check out our piece on how to use face scrub. You should also know about the active vs. passive exfoliation methods by checking out our piece on two great methods of exfoliating. That classic battle: face scrub vs. peel-off mask. You can’t go wrong either way. A scrub gets you hooked up quickly, while a mask brings more of a chilling-at-the-spa vibe.

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There you have it, fellas. Now you’ve got the tools and the knowledge. Put it all to use and stay looking fresh.

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