How to Use Face Scrub

If you want crystal-clear, baby-soft skin — and let’s be real, who doesn’t? — then you need to introduce a little scrubbing action into your skincare routine. But since we hear all the time about how we need to be uber-gentle with skin, scrubbing can seem a bit heavy-handed. And yeah, overdoing it is definitely a high-risk activity, especially for those of us who have sensitive skin. The thing is, though, you really do need to scrub with a top-notch product in order to purge the pores and get rid of that dull top layer of skin that’s just holding you back. Here’s how to do it the right way.

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What Is Face Scrub?

Face scrub is a facial cleanser featuring manual exfoliators (tiny particles of a preferably-natural substance, such as walnut shells or bamboo) that gently abrade the skin to remove the top layer. With that top layer comes a ton of dirt, debris and oil that could be leading to all your skin woes. The result is a fresh slate ready to glow.

Why We Need Face Scrub

Let’s get real for a sec. Do we seriously need to scrub the heck out of our skin for a good complexion? Contrary to what you may have heard, the answer is yes, but only a couple of times per week. Here’s why: Using a good-quality face scrub on occasion helps remove the top layer of dead skin cells that can clog the pores and make the skin look dry, patchy and dull. And for those of us on the blemish-busting bandwagon, the occasional face scrub helps purge pores of the stuff that leads to stubborn blackheads and zits.

How to Scrub Your Face

So now that we know that scrubbing the skin is crucial to its health and well-being, we gotta talk about technique. Guys, the most important thing you need to know here is this: Do not sandpaper your skin to death. Give it a light yet firm touch for radiant skin that doesn’t make you look like you just took a sandblaster to your cheeks because that’s not a good look.

  • Pick Your Poison — Don’t just grab any product from the shelves at random. Be diligent and get something made with the right stuff, like our Activated Charcoal Face Scrub that combines natural fruit extracts and hydrating sugars to repair the skin’s moisture barrier after a good scrub-down. Make sure to choose a scrub with eco-friendly physical exfoliators, not gross plastic microbeads that enter into our waterways and harm plants and animals.
  • Don’t Scrub Too Hard — Don’t scrub like you’re prepping an old piece of furniture for a new layer of finish. Scrub like you’re polishing your Heisman after a well-fought battle. Over-scrubbing will only irritate dry, red, cracked skin, so be gentle and use light pressure in a circular motion. Be sure to apply scrub after washing the face so you have a fresh, clean slate to work with.
  • Follow Up with Moisturizer — After you’re done scrubbing, rinse off the skin with cold water to help open up the pores and then let it dry completely before moisturizing. Slather on a healthy layer of an oil-free moisturizer and, if you just shaved, address any problem areas with a good razor bump cream. This will help restore the moisture to the skin so that a brand-new layer can regenerate looking as fresh and healthy as ever.

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How Often Should You Use Face Scrub?

So we know that we need to scrub on occasion, keywords *on occasion.* So how often is that, exactly? While every person is different and every skin type has its own threshold, a good rule of thumb is to scrub your face two or three times per week to slough away blemish-causing dead skin cells, dirt and oil and bring on that silky-smooth feel that beautifies your mug.

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Face Scrub But for the Whole Body

Ready to get scrubbing? You should apply the same scrubbing principles used on your face to scrub the arms, chest, stomach and legs. Use an exfoliating charcoal body scrub on occasion to give your whole body that super-soft, fresh-scrubbed feel from face to feet.

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