Skincare for Men in Their 20s

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Guys in their early 20s tend to feel a little too invincible. Borderline reckless behavior from those teen years doesn’t go without a fight. And guys in their late 20s see 30 coming up and suddenly feel old. 

Indeed, the 20s can be a strange era, the realm between youth and adulthood. So how do you navigate it? Well, it’s all about balance, maintaining a youngin’s joie de vivre while simultaneously getting serious about grown-ass-man duties. And a big part of the latter is taking measures to protect your health, including your skin. 

So, yeah, it’s time to grow up and develop skincare habits for the long haul. So stop using bar soap on your face — it dries you out — and open your world to some truly adult skincare behavior, like pampering your mug with a detoxifying charcoal mask now and again. 

Purify Your Pores with a Charcoal Mask

Because, gentlemen, you aren’t old yet. But if you don’t start taking care of your skin now, you’re gonna be looking a little bit pickled before you need to.

It’s Time to Face Facts

There are certain derm matters you think you’ll be leaving behind as you dip into your 20s. At the top of the list: acne. Unfortunately, gentlemen, adult acne in men is pretty common. The fight against acne doesn’t magically stop when you turn 20. And all those youthful hours pressed against the mirror, wondering things like, Why is my nose so oily?” More bad news: Your nose is gonna stay oily in your 20s and beyond. 

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Things change. But they stay the same. A big difference now, though, is you’re gonna respond to matters like a damn adult. And grown-ass men don’t sleep on their skincare routine. Bar soap does not touch their mugs. Nah, they hook it up with a proper charcoal face wash

They also know their skin type and use a moisturizer suited for their skin. And they moisturize every damn day, my dude. 

A man with a plan is also exfoliating once or twice per week. The process reaches to the depths of your pores to extra acne-causing dead skin cells and other nastiness. You can get after it with an exfoliating scrub. You can also give your face a little spa treatment with that charcoal mask we mentioned earlier. 

Adulting in the Shower

Sorry to make an assumption here, but when you were younger, you routinely hung out in the shower until the hot water ran out, right? We don’t wanna get into what you were doing in there. We’ll avoid making additional assumptions. 

But the fact is, there’s a right way to shower. And a long, hot shower ain’t it. The heat desiccates your skin. Instead, opt for fairly quick showers under a lukewarm spray. 

Say no to overlong scorchers. And say no to that bacteria-riddled loofah. Ditch it for a silicone body scrubber designed to give you a 100 percent hygienic clean every time.

Treat Your Body Right with Our Silicone Body Scrubber

Hard lessons, perhaps — at least when it comes to the heat. But it’s time to adultify your shower behavior. 

Respect the Sun, Dudes

That youthful recklessness we mentioned earlier? It can be a really bad thing when it comes to shrugging those burnt shoulders while the sun comes blasting down. You simply need to understand the kind of damage the sun can do to your skin. 

Too many guys only apply sunscreen when they feel a burn coming on at the beach. Don’t be one of those guys. Sunscreen isn’t just for beach trips. You should be using a non-comedogenic sunscreen on your face daily. We realize a lot of guys simply won’t do that, but, at least apply sunscreen when you’re going to be spending extended time in the sun. 

Sun damage accrues slowly but surely. You know it can lead to skin cancer. Unfortunately, that knowledge alone isn’t enough to get a lot of guys to take action. But how about this: Disrespecting what the sun can do to your skin can make you look like an oldie before your time

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All right, all you twenty-something dudes. These skincare habits will serve you now and into the future. 

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