How Often Should Men Shower?

So, dudes, you want a firm answer on precisely how often you should shower? 

Well, sorry. You aren’t gonna get a hard and fast edict here. Why’s that? Because it depends on YOU, man. Different dudes have different requirements. 

But we can help you figure out what’s best for you. And if you just absolutely need some imperative from this article, here’s one: While there is no generally agreed upon rule for how often dudes need to bathe, we can absolutely, unequivocally tell you need to ditch that nasty-ass, bacteria-riddled loofah and switch to our silicone body scrubber, a shower pal that gives you a 100 percent hygienic clean each and every time. 

Shower the Right Way with Our Silicone Body Scrubber

Now let’s dip into it and see if we can’t provide guidance that helps you determine a shower routine that’s right for you. 

A Little Clean Up 

Ideal shower frequency largely depends on lifestyle factors. If you’re a coal miner, you probably should go ahead and shower after that shift. But if you’re sitting at your computer all day in a perfectly air conditioned office, you can probably get away with showers every couple of days, unless you’re getting involved in some sweaty business beyond those office hours. 

Most dudes in the U.S. are bathing every day. But they don’t necessarily have to do that. And in fact, it can be good for your skin if you take fewer showers. The good people at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center say that reducing shower frequency “allows your skin to stay vibrant and healthy from the natural oils and bacteria that live on it and improves our immune system.” 

So, yeah, not showering so often can be a good thing. But you should also consider a little upkeep between those showers. The Ohio State article cited above recommends cleaning those funky portions of your body on the days you aren’t showering. What are the funky bits? Yeah, you know: feet, junk area, armpits. 

Shower the Right Way

All right, we’ve established that there’s no hard and fast rule for how often dudes should shower. But in addition to that NO LOOFAHS rule we established above, there are some shower basics that are frankly more important than frequency. 

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First off, dude, exfoliate that frame. It’s the surest way to ditch the thousands upon thousands of dead skin cells your body sheds every day. So hook it up with our body scrub for men. But you also need to be using a salicylic-infused charcoal body wash. Of course, you know we have you covered there, too. 

Keep Your Frame Fresh with Our Charcoal Body Wash

Now you have the right tools. But you also need the right temp. Are you one of those dudes who likes to shower in water that’s just shy of scalding? Well, bad news. Piping-hot showers can dry you out. Sucks to hear, but lukewarm showers are the way to go. 

Telltale Signs You Need to Adjust

When it comes to most skincare routines, this basic lesson applies: If it’s working, you probably don’t need to mess with it. But there are certainly some indicators to be mindful of if you’re debating whether you're showering often enough (or too often). 

Most importantly, are you stank? If you’re regularly funky, yeah, you need to hop up in that shower a little more often. Some people are just more prone to being a little ripe. But if whatever you’re up to during the day leads to excess sweat — manual labor, grueling workouts, out in a sweltering climate a bit too often — you really should be hopping in the shower when your day is wrapped. 

Another clear indicator you need to hop in there more often? You’re rocking serious body acne. Lingering in your funk can absolutely cause body breakouts. So if you feel like you’re living with a perpetual bout of body acne, hop up in that shower a little more often, my man. 

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