Zits vs. Pimples: What’s the Difference?

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Here on the Black Wolf blog, our goal is to illuminate and to help you understand your skin and what it needs to stay looking fresh. We’re also all about making sure you aren’t lugging around skin-related misconceptions in that mind of yours. 

And that brings us to the topic at hand — zits vs. pimples. What sets them apart? Prepared to have your mind blown? I thought they were the same damn thing¸ you might be thinking. 

Well, they kind of…are. Zits are pimples, and pimples are zits. Buzzkill? Don’t feel too let down. Some people out there will tell you there is a difference. We want you to be able to confidently tell those folks that they are mistaken. Again, we’re all about quashing misconceptions. We’re making you an ally in that fight. 

And while we’re here, we’ll drop some knowledge that will help you keep all kinds of acne at bay. So go ahead and apply an acne-fighting black peel-off face mask and saddle up for a tutorial on banishing those pesky-as-hell zimples (see what we did there?).

Battle Acne with a Black Peel-Off Face Mask

Let’s dip into it and make sure you emerge a little smarter when it comes to all things skincare. 

Acne Slang

The word zit feels like an aggressive-as-hell adversary. It’s that hard Z-sound. Pimple, on the other hand, sounds like something you can whip with just a little squeeze. (But, man, do not do that! Popping can make them multiply and can lead to scarring, too.) 

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Considering the different feelings the words engender, it makes sense to assume they are different things. Zit, though, is just straight-up acne slang. As the etymologists over at Thesaurus.com lay out, the word pimple has been around since the 14th century. Zit has just been in the vernacular since your parents were popping them in the ’60s. 

Zit or Pimple, They Both Suck

Whether you’re calling them zits or pimples, those damn things are a mild form of acne caused by clogged pores. What’s clogging those pores? Well, more often than not, the primary culprit is dead skin cells. Your body sheds them at an almost-impossible-to-wrap-your-head-around rate. Pores also get clogged by bacteria and the oil — sebum — your sebaceous glands crank out. 

So what do you do about those clogged pores? Well, you unclog those damn things. And you do your best to keep them from getting clogged in the first place with a twice-daily blast of our charcoal face wash. The charcoal gets in there and detoxifies. A man serious about his skin makes that face wash the bedrock of his skincare routine. 

And then once or twice per week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you need to do some serious deep cleaning — we’re talking exfoliation, people. Our bamboo face scrub gives you the deep clean you need with its gritty blend of walnut shells and bamboo stems. Now if you’re really serious — tell us you are — you can take it to the next, next level by using that charcoal face mask we mentioned a few paragraphs ago. That’s a once a week uber-deep clean for your pores. 

But, dudes, we know that zits/pimples pop up south of your mug, too. There’s not a dude in the land who doesn’t know a thing or two about chest and back acne. So what do you do about that? Same thing: Keep obstructions out of your pores. Our silicone body scrubber is the best tool for the job. Unlike your standard loofah, which hoards acne-causing bacteria, the silicone fibers in our scrubbers stay clean, giving you an exfoliating, hygienic clean each time you shower. 

Exfoliate with Our Silicone Body Scrubber

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So the next time someone starts going on with nonsense like well, technically, zits and pimples aren’t the same thing, you can put a stop to the misinformation right quick. And in the meantime, run with the skincare tips we just ran down here. 

Who knows? Maybe your encounters with zits/pimples might become so infrequent that you forget just what in the hell you’re supposed to call them in the first place.

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