How to Get Rid of Flaky Skin for Good

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It’s hard to feel anything but ridiculous when you’re raining little bits of dry, flaky skin all over the place. Dry skin is a persistent foe that doesn’t merely attack (and embarrass) during the winter. Summer dryness is all too common, as well. Those meddling flakes can indeed be a year-round source of itchy, less-than-attractive discomfort—and unless you know the cause, your treatment routine isn’t going to eradicate the flake. 

So before you go slathering your skin with something that’s going to offer only a respite or turn you into a shiny grease ball, let’s investigate some dry skin causes, determine what’s leading to your flaky skin and then put a plan in place. 

There’s a lot of fact and fiction out there when it comes to skin care, but this is an undeniable bit of truth from the experts at Penn Medicine: If you don’t do something about that dry skin now, it’s quite likely to lead to wrinkles down the road.  


The simplest solution might be one you’re overlooking.

What do you do when something—anything—is dry? You give it water. That’s a critical lesson you want to keep in mind as you grapple with that persistent dry skin. It’s a potential solution so simple that overthinkers might be zooming right past it. So if you’re drinking enough water (15-plus cups per day), but your skin is still dry, you need to look elsewhere for solutions.  

And if your flakiness does seem especially bad during the winter, hydration may be a big problem there, too. After all, we tend not to drink as much water when it’s cold out.


If you come from a long line of flaky-skinned relatives, your struggle is quite likely genetic. Hydration alone won’t save you here. You’re going to need the right moisturizer, like this oil-free moisturizer for dry skin. It’ll keep your skin looking good, and it’s designed for quick absorption that won’t leave you with a heavy or greasy feel. 

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Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re either taking action against that dry skin or you’re ready to. But you need to make sure the steps you’re taking aren’t making matters worse. Faced with flaky skin, it makes sense if you give in to the urge to wash it repeatedly. Do it the wrong way, though, and you’re exacerbating things. Instead of reaching for the nearest bar of soap, wash your face the right way with this bamboo facial exfoliant

Oily and Flaky?

It may seem counterintuitive, but people with oily skin can still struggle with flaky skin. It’s a true injustice. Those battling oily skin often avoid moisturizing, but you know what happens then? Yep: flakes. The move is not to avoid moisturizers altogether, but to use the proper moisturizer for your skin type, like this gel moisturizer for oily skin.  

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Dermatological Conditions 

If your skin care routine isn’t yielding that flake-free skin you’re after, you may have an underlying dermatological condition. This could be something relatively minor or more severe, but when dealing with a persistent and unpleasant skin condition, a dermatologist can diagnose your condition and put you on a proper path toward healthy, happy skin.  

Unless you properly determine the cause of your flaky skin, your remedy won’t serve as anything more than a band-aid. Know why you’re dry and then develop a skin care routine that keeps your skin supple and healthy all year round. These tips should help you ditch the flakes and give you the healthy skin you deserve. 

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