10 Reasons Why You Should Use Bump Cream

For most guys shaving is something we do on a daily basis. Yet, being guys, we tend to use old habits and even older shavers. There is nothing worse than shaving for a big day and having to walk around with a rashy neck. Most of us just want our shaving game to be on par with Sweeny Todd. Now we can’t all be as smooth as Sweeny Todd but that’s why we got bump cream. 

Here are 10 benefits as to why Bump Cream is a must.

  1. It helps to close your pores
  2. It cools your skin down 
  3. It will have your skin feeling so smooth, you won’t believe it’s not butter 
  4. Keeps your skin hydrated and rash free
  5. It’s like aftershave on steroids 
  6. It leaves you smelling Fresh AF!
  7. You can stop reading now the rest are just fillers
  8. No, seriously there is nothing important after this
  9. Sure go ahead waste your own time
  10. Okay I give up just get the damn bump cream

In conclusion, bump cream is an integral part of shaving. It will up your grooming, boost your hygiene levels, improve the condition and appearance of your skin, and reduce the risk of skin problems. It’s time to leave your pizza neck in 2020!

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