oily skin bundle

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Treat and prevent oily skin and protect your face for less

• features activated charcoal face wash and oil-free moisturizing gel
• removes unwanted toxins from your skin
• water-based formula protects as it moisturizes

What is oily skin?
Oily skin is caused by your skin produces excess sebum. You actually need this natural oil to have healthy skin. You just don’t need so much of it.

How do I know if I have oily skin?
Enlarged pores, acne, blackheads and a shiny appearance or skin that feels slick to the touch are all signs of oily skin. Want a quick test? Push your nose or your cheek up against your phone and check how much grease you leave on it.

Why do I have oily skin?
If you’re keeping your skin clean but still have oily skin, you could be washing your face too much, which makes your glands produce even more oil. But more than likely, you are simply genetically doomed to have oily skin and will likely need to take extra steps to keep it in line. Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

What can I do about oily skin?
You can use a face wash with salicylic acid to remove excess oil from your face and follow up with an oil-free moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid to protect and restore a natural balance to your skin. Both of these products are provided in this bundle.

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David S.
United States United States

Oily skin bundle

Works good. Smells even better

Kyle R.
United States United States

Great products, will reorder

Left my face clean without over drying, and smells great!

A Black Wolf Customer
Joseph S.
United States United States

Works Great

Pretty much as soon as I started using Black Wolf, I noticed my skin clearing up. It still has a ways to go, but its improving each day and is consistent. Thank you Black Wolf!

Raheim T.
United States United States

Dry skin

Great!! This product will always be my go to skin care product I have oily skin and it’s helped a lot!

Aamir B.
United States United States

Added to my daily routine!

The oily bundle (face wash + oil-free moisturizer) has been great so far although I still feel a little greasy after using the moisturizer. I think it’ll get better over time!

Corey P.


I bought this product a few weeks ago and I'm impressed! It doesn't burn dry skin and it truly does lock in moisture. Thumbs up from me

Anthony C.
United States United States

Less oily Skin

I really like these products, especially the water-based moisturizer. I never knew that moisturizer wouldn't actually make my skin more oily. Thanks big time and I will definitely keep purchasing your products for a lifetime...Just please stay in business (and with these products) for at least 60 more years!

Austin B.
United States United States

Good for breakouts and oil control

I've noticed I've been breaking out a lot less since starting to use the face wash/moisturizer combo regularly. My face is also noticeably less oily than before, although my face is still a little more oily than I would like towards the end of the day.

Arnol V.
United States United States


First 2 days it was great 3rd day kinda burned my face and it looked like I had a sun burn

Louis D.
United States United States

Face wash

I liked it! It was fragrant and does the job!