How to Deal with Pesky Beard Pimples

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A proper beard can do a lot for a man’s look. But it can do a lot of bad things to the skin underneath. 

Every guy with a beard knows that pimples can flourish underneath the hair. And it makes sense. Facial hair makes it more difficult to wash away the dead skin cells, excess oil and grime that lead to breakouts. 

So what are you gonna do about it? That’s what we’re here to discuss. 

Keep It Clean

Lots of guys put their skin care routines on the shelf when a thick beard comes in. But having a beard doesn’t mean you only need to tend to the skin on half your face. Funky stuff goes on underneath that beard if the funk is allowed to fester. Maybe you’re saying, “If you can’t see it, does it matter?” 

Well, glad you asked. Depending on the thickness of your beard, there may be a whole mystery world going on under there at surface level. 

Unhealthy skin just doesn’t feel good. It can become dry and itchy. Serious acne can be painful, as we all know too well. And is that full beard forever? Probably not. So you need to do everything you can to keep your skin healthy, even portions hidden beneath that forest. 

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If you put your skin care routine on hold when your beard came on, get back to it. If you’ve always been a little lax, it’s time to step up. Use our charcoal face wash twice daily. Make sure you’re scrubbing it into your skin. Lather the scruff and work it into the skin underneath.  

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Keeping it clean is even more important when you have a beard. 

Stop Stroking It, Already

This is a common problem among guys with facial hair, but it’s especially rampant among the newly bearded: an almost insatiable urge to touch it. It’s understandable if you want to stroke that chin while you ponder or to run your fingers through to check the status of the lushness. Well, you need to stop. “When you touch your beard, you spread germs and dirt from your hands to your face,” the American Academy of Dermatology warns. “This can cause skin problems beneath your beard.”

Your beard is already a haven for grime. Each time you touch it, you’re just adding bacterial fuel to an already tense situation. 

So watch those hands, gentlemen.

Moisturize the Right Way

While too many guys disregard what’s going on with the skin beneath their beards, a lot of them are hyper-focused on keeping a sheen on their facial hair. Beard oils have taken off in popularity in recent years. 

They can definitely up your beard game, but if you’re struggling with a serious case of beard acne, your oil may be to blame. Miami dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann has a cautionary note for you: “Some ingredients commonly found in beard oils are comedogenic, meaning that they clog pores.” 

Clogged pores mean breakouts. So give that oil a break and think about your skin. But dry skin can mean breakouts, too. Arid conditions can kick your sebaceous glands into overdrive. 

Hydrating is always key. If your skin is naturally oily, try our gel moisturizer for oily skin. If your skin tends to run dry, go with our oil-free moisturizer for dry skin.

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If you have a beard, it’s almost certain that acne is lurking underneath. But that beard looks good, so before you grab your razor and administer a close shave, get back to some basic skin care habits. 

Keep your skin clean and hydrated. And please, man, stop stroking that bearded chin.

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